What is Fast Abstract Art?

Painting is my hooby and I have been honing my skill of landscape and still life painting for years. Laboring every brush stroke to recreate what I see in front of me.

Three years ago, I took an abstract painting class, just to learn something new. The instructor had been a middle school art teacher for years and a professional and successful abstract painter. Binnie was wonderful. She told us to leave all we had learned about painting at the door, and opened my eyes to a new way of creating.

I experimented with many different abstract techniques and landed on something I really enjoyed. It was the technigue of abstract drawing in different mediums (acrylic, oil crayon, pencil etc) on a large piece of paper, and then cropping it. It was fun! It was liberating! It was gratifying! The days of agonizing over my paintings were over. I was able to combine what I had learned about value, color, composition and create abstract art. I call my technique "Fast Abstract Art", and I share it with whoever is interested in learning it. I started hosting and Air Bnb Experience, called "Abstract Painting in Connecticut!,  which is a popular 5-star rated experience.

Gather a friend, friends, a signifigant other, family, anyone over 12 years, with an interest in learning something new.  message me or visit:

"Abstract Painting in Connecticut" Workshop in Wilton! Airbnb Experience.


The workshop takes place in the shop, Champagne Taste in Wilton Town Center, Wilton CT. (or we can arrange a group in your home or other location.)